Here at Style and Panache we design & hand make small ranges of unique items & furniture. It all starts with an idea which gets sketched out on paper, mocked up in the workshop, then goes through any changes in order to make it perfect (in our eyes anyway!) This is the point we start looking at the highest quality materials for the final pieces to be made from. Once we are truly happy with the end product we then brand it with our logo before adding a protective finish & waxing it to bring out the beautiful colour and grain of the natural wood.

The products on our online shop have all gone through this process ensuring what you receive is unique and special. We don’t stop there, we then select the packaging that fits the item best (no one likes pulling out 40 plastic air bags and polystyrene from an over sized box). Here we use a greener alternative – recyclable boxes, brown paper tape and tissue paper padding as our standard packaging. All pieces are hand packaged with great care. If you require a gift wrap option we can also take care of that, just click ‘gift wrap’ on the check out page and fill out the details.